Build A Motorcycle Cheap, Learn, and Have Fun!

In this online guide on how to build a motorcycle we are going to cover general and some detailed step by step information that will show you how to build your own motorcycle.

This will not be a definitive guide on building your own bike, or how to build motorcycle kits. That is nearly impossible since every bike and motorcycle kit is different from parts and fabrication to electrical.

motorcycle build
But it will be a very good reference with more helpful step by step information on how to build a motorcycle than almost any website. At least that is our goal and we will be constantly updating and improving our site. You will be able to speak intelligently about motorcycle building.

You will also find little known motorcycle building resources, references, and reviews. So be sure to get on our Build A Motorcycle Mini Course List (to the upper right) because you will get updates, and tips in your email on top of building advice!

Some Advice: Building a choppers or bobber motorcycles from the ground up is not for a beginner. Especially if you are building a frame as well. You can do it, but keep in mind that you or someone you now will be riding it. You want to be certain about the frame integrity and if that it won't seize up or have a catastrophic failure going 60 miles per hour.

The better options for beginners is to buy a bike and customize it, or buy a quality motorcycle kit bike and build it with a friend (who knows what they are doing). This way you will learn faster, and you'll have a nice bike you can ride or sell, and then you can do it again.

Good project bikes for first and veteran motorcycle building professionals is the XS650. There are plenty of other project bikes to look for, and just about any will do. But there are many XS650's out there (and many parts as well) making them cheap to come by. Plus, they are really good bikes!

There are many builders who specialize in them because the engine is a vertical twin like the old Triumph motorcycles (also good project bikes), the frame is usually in good shape, they run forever, their lines are very appealing, and people want to buy them refurbished.

So if making motorcycles or creating a motorcycle of your dreams is what you want to do, by all means move forward. But don't dive headfirst into a ground up build. You'll be much happier, you'll saves lots of money, and you'll save time as well. Enjoy!

OK, lets begin and create a motorcycle:

One way or another, we now have an unpainted steel (or Chrome-Moly) motorcycle frame. From here we need to add wheels, some kind of motive force, gearing, brakes, electrics, lights, forks, gas tank, handlebars, fenders and a seat. We will need to build up the bike, then take it to pieces again, carefully paint the frame and metalwork and then reassemble it so it works. This is what we are now going to do.

First of all I will look at the components, and then run
through an assembly.

The components piece by piece:
Step 2: Motorcycle Forks